Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I tried planting herbs in the bed along the fence this summer. That bed gets the least amount of direct sun, and I was hoping to reserve the sunnier beds for vegetables. I had mixed results:

Thyme and sage seemed to do pretty good. This sage is a bit small, but mind you it was completely hacked to the wick by a blackbird when I first planted it. Considering, I'm pleased by how large it's gotten. These are also being shaded by sunflowers that got bigger than I'd expected. I'll try these two along the fence again this time sans sunflowers.

The oregano is extremely happy.

Chives, basil and parsley--ironically the three we use the most, were not too happy in this spot. The parsley is being shaded by the sunflowers, but considering how much we use it, I will probably move these plants out and intersperse them with the veggies in the sunnier beds next year.

Herbs I forgot to plant this year: Dill!

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