Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garden Mushrooms

I started a new collection of mushrooms today.  These are in various shapes and sizes from containers I found at Raley's one day.  I tried a recipe for concrete that might be lighter than mortar or regular aggregate.  It was:

1 Part Portland Cement
1 1/2 Parts Sand
1 1/2 Parts Perlite

We'll see how big a difference it makes in the weight.  I'm hoping for at least noticeable, as it will be the mix I use for my next garden table.

Oh, and when determining my volume, I forgot that the Portland cement adds no volume.  Thus, when calculating my parts, I should have figured the sand/perlite volume only.  It was okay, I just mixed up more at the last minute!


  1. Would really love to see the finished cement mushrooms. I've thought of doing this myself one day. See my photos at
    cheers, Debbie

  2. I'll definitely post them! They are a fun little project, but be careful as they can be addicting. ;-)