Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My bloomin' Iris

I bought and planted this iris a year ago.  Almost immediately, it shot up a batch of green leaves that sat there and did nothing all summer long.

I was pretty convinced I'd done something wrong.  The websites said you can't plant them too deep, or if they're in the wrong spot, they'll never bloom.  I was also reading that I'm supposed to dig them up every winter and replant or they'll just rot in the ground.

Fortunately, I never got around to doing any of these things, because last week, I looked down at the plant and saw buds forming!

The excitement was that I'd forgotten what color I even planted!

I went back to the wonderful people at the GardenWeb forum who told me in California I don't have to dig them up.  Just let them sit and divide and get bigger.  When they get to the point where they seem crowded, I can pull them up and divide.

How fun!  I think the bearded Iris has officially become my most favorite bulb flower.  I will definitely have issues just walking past that annual display at Lowes without picking myself up a few more bulbs!

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