Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cucumbers Without the Trellis

Last year was my first year growing cucumbers. Everyone says to trellis them, so I did--or started to, at least. They quickly outgrew the little sticks I'd put up, and by that time, I'd grown tired of having to continually lift them up and tie them to the bamboo. If I'm going to trellis something, I prefer plants that know where to go on their own.

So, capitalizing on what ended up happening last year, I've simply let my cucumbers trail along the rock path.

Typically, you don't want cucumbers sitting on dirt as they can rot. But my rock paths don't get any water once spring is gone, and so far, my cucumbers have been quite happy with the arrangement. And as for all that staking and trellising? I get to be a lazy gardener, which is exactly what I prefer! Hah!

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  1. I agree,I don't trellis mine either and I only grow pickling cukes that are of bush type that way they don't eat up all my garden space,Very healthy plants you have there..