Saturday, March 26, 2011

A New Project



I'm going to try my hand at concrete art using armature.  This guy will get covered with wire mesh, then slathered with mortar.  The surface will be mosaic with some copper accents.

I'm kinda excited.  I hope it turns out!

Tomato Starts

I potted up my tomatoes today.  So far, my seed starts are doing much better than last year.  Last year, I started too late and planted too early.  I also moved them around a lot because I didn't have the light set-up.  This year, I'm just leaving them alone and they're doing great.

These little ones still have another 6-7 weeks before I'll be planting them outside.  I think that will be just about right.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Harvest

It's the first day of spring, the sun was out, and I got to harvest some goods today.

The first of my bok choi, and all the bunching onions I planted last October.  The bok choi was started from seed in January.  A mere 90 days later, it's delicious!    Anyone looking for immediate gratification should give Asian greens a try.  I grew these in barrels and had zero problems with pests and slugs (except #%$!$& cats).  They will be a container plant for me going forward.

As for the onions?  Well, they might go on my "not worth the trouble" list.  They took up space in the garden for 6 months, were a pain in the rear to pull and clean, and the difference between them and store-bought is unnoticeable.  This year, I'm going to give shallots a try.  I think I will let the other members of the onion family go.