Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Tomato Update

Wow, a check of this blog last year shows my tomatoes are about half the size they were last year at this time. Granted, I started the seeds about 2 weeks later this year than last. Also, though I had big plants last year, by this time, I didn't have much in the way of actual tomatoes. This year is the opposite. Smaller plants, but plenty of fruit starting on them.

Biggest disappointment is this Prudens Purple. These are supposed to be early tomatoes. I don't know if it's the bed they're in or the plants themselves, but they're spindly and don't have a solitary tomato on them.

These Brandywine are in the same bed in a spot where I'd planted pole beans last year.  The plants are much healthier and I've got one tomato growing on them.  But they still are a bit behind the plants in the other beds.

My lone Brandywine tomato.

These Moskvich are another early variety.  Again, they were twice the size last year, but these are fruiting...a lot.

Lots of tomatoes on these two.

Big Beef is another tomato that I have good luck with here.  These plants are fairly spindly, but there are a ton of tomatoes on them.

Some Big Beefs.

More Big Beefs.

Healthiest looking plants are these planted closest to my shed.  These Juliets are doing really well.

Lots of fruit on them.

And lastly, I've got these Cherokee Purple which are new to me this year.  They're supposed to be another early variety.  The plants are probably my biggest and fullest.

However, I've only got this one lone tomato on them so far.

I'll be curious to see what another 4 weeks will do.  I know from last year, they can double in size pretty quickly.

Garden Wall is Done!

And it's such a nicer place to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Before, the view off our patio was just this lifeless pile of dirt:

Now, we've got a nice shade garden and space to display my garden art:


Because we did it ourselves, total cost for the project was about $500. That includes the stones, dirt and plants. Not bad.