Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let the Neurosis Begin

I am convinced all the mortar is going to crack and fall off.  I will have to plea to the GardenWeb divas to assure me that won't happen.  I know you guys think I'm good at this kind of thing, but the truth is, I am filled with paranoia and uncertainty every step of the way.  And if I get to the end and it turns out and all is well, I'll be the most surprised of the bunch.

I also made what I think is a huge mistake.  I decided to do the top first, let him harden and dry before doing the bottom.  Now I have no idea how I can lay him on his side to do the bottom without him shattering into a thousand pieces.  No, it's not that fragile.  It just seems like it.

Sigh.  And this is what I'm doing for relaxation!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More progress on the sea serpent!

Despite shoveling 2 yards of compost and potting up 15 pepper plants, I managed to make some more progress on the sea serpent.

Here he is with some additional details. This isn't the final shape of the copper wire--I figure I can perfect that after everything else is done. But it's the general gist.

Next step is mortar. I can't wait!! Maybe next weekend, I hope. (Oh, how to get rid of that day job yet still have a roof over my head, LOL)



My slug experiment

Folks over on GardenWeb have been talking about caffeine as a slug repellent.  There's been some debate about how to apply it (spraying plants with coffee, used coffee grounds vs new), but I'm giving my own experiment a try.

My cabbage is getting eaten, despite all the hand picking and sluggo I put out.  So after saving up a can's worth of spent coffee grounds, I picked off the eaten leaves of two of them and surrounded them with a thick solid layer of grounds:

I seriously hope this works, as I'm not finding much else that does.  The slugs in my yard are tiny--the size of a grain of rice--so they're hard to get a handle on.  They also aren't to deterred by Sluggo.

If nothing else, I'm giving these couple plants an extra shot of nitrogen, and with brassicas being heavy feeders, that's a bonus.

I'm guessing I should know in a few days and will keep you posted!