Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My "Other" Home Office

A new friend asked me to share pictures of my workshop.  Giddy me, ran out with my camera because you all know how much I love photographing my world, LOL.

The workshop, tucked among the jungle that is my August veggie garden.

This canopy is new--another $80 purchase I probably shouldn't have made.  But I love it!  I've now got a shady outdoor space where I can work on those 100 degree days when the shop is too hot.  It's also a great space to do the concrete and grouting, which can be messy.

The employee break room.

I keep my tiles in these recycled Louis Rich Deli Turkey containers.  Here in earthquake country, keeping my tiles in glass jars isn't an option, though I think if the big one hits I'll still end up with a giant mess on my hands.

The back wall.

The work bench that started it all.

Sadly, I did have to devote one wall to gardening equipment.

The view from my workbench.