Sunday, March 18, 2012

Calling All Artists--Need Ideas!

I'd love opinions, ideas and suggestions!

For my birthday (not until May), I have told my family I want this stone garden wall across the back wall of our patio as shown here:

These are the stones and the height I've decided on.  BUT!  I want to dress up the wall once it's installed.  I'm thinking about randomly mortaring some of these glass accents to the front:

Not a ton like I'm showing above--instead just 1-3 per stone, maybe, dotted across the wall.  That's the EASIEST option, because I could crank that out in an afternoon.

If I do that, my quandary is the colors.  Would you go colorful?  Pick a color theme or go totally random using all the colors?  Bright, earthy, natural?  Here's what I have to choose from.  With each of them, I've also got an array of sizes and slight variations I haven't necessarily shown here:

Another option I have, which would be more time consuming but maybe worth it, is to add some mosaics to the stones, such as this (these aren't mine, I just found them on the internet):

I could come up with little mosaic flowers or bugs or something and dot them across the wall.  Maybe do a combination of both?  Images like hearts, flowers, butterflies with some glass rounds scattered between? 

What would you do?  Any ideas or suggestions?