Sunday, February 13, 2011


Okay, so it's not quite summer yet. In fact, it's not even spring. But it IS time to start a couple of my summer crops.

These two flats are this year's hopefuls in the category of tomatoes and peppers. I'm growing 5 varieties of tomato and two pepper.


Moskvich is an early tomato
Big Beef is a standard red
Valencia is an heirloom yellow
Brandywine is an heirloom red
Juliet is a roma tomato for sauce

I'm also trying the standard Ace bell pepper one more time this year. If I'm not happy with the results, I intend to be done with bell peppers forever. New this year to me is Sahuaro, which is an Anaheim pepper.

This year, I'm giving myself 90 days to grow from seed. Most books say 45-60 days, but I found last year they weren't as big as I'd like them to be within that time frame, so I'm getting an earlier start. My target transplant date is 5/15. We'll see!

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