Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let the Neurosis Begin

I am convinced all the mortar is going to crack and fall off.  I will have to plea to the GardenWeb divas to assure me that won't happen.  I know you guys think I'm good at this kind of thing, but the truth is, I am filled with paranoia and uncertainty every step of the way.  And if I get to the end and it turns out and all is well, I'll be the most surprised of the bunch.

I also made what I think is a huge mistake.  I decided to do the top first, let him harden and dry before doing the bottom.  Now I have no idea how I can lay him on his side to do the bottom without him shattering into a thousand pieces.  No, it's not that fragile.  It just seems like it.

Sigh.  And this is what I'm doing for relaxation!


  1. That is way cool and will look wonderful in your garden. Would enjoy seeing the finished work of art!

  2. Thanks Hoover and Sheandeen! I appreciate the encouragement!

    Hoover, I was just checking out your Piece of Eden blog and the articles on narrow screen shrubs are wonderful! I'm in the process of trying to find just the right one and think you might have convinced me to go with the pittosporum. Thanks for posting that!