Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Veggies

It doesn't look like much just yet, but I love these "before" shots. In two months, it should look a lot like the picture on the right.

I planted the rest of my summer veggie seeds today.  The bed below will be pole beans, carrots and cucumber.

Here next to the tomatoes and anaheim chiles will be butternut squash.

I'm still harvesting my spring peas.  Later in the summer, they will be pulled for some late summer beans and zucchini.  For now, in front of the peas I've planted two types of zucchini squash.

I also planted morning glory along the fence line.  My broccoli is nearing its end.  In its place will be more peas planted later in the summer.  I'm also waiting patiently for my cabbage along the fence to be ready for picking.  It's formed heads, but they aren't big enough to cut.

It's amazing how a vegetable garden can go from nothing to something in just a short couple months.  I'm looking forward to seeing what I get this year.


  1. Thanks! It feels good to have it done. Now I just water and wait.