Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ruth Bancroft 17th Annual Sculpture In The Garden Exhibit

A huge shout out to Maggie and her awesome blog for turning me on to the Ruth Bancroft gardens and their annual Sculpture in the Garden Exhibit.  We went today and had an awesome time.  If you're in the bay area, you love art and you love gardens (especially succulents) this is a must see.

My only problem with the day was that the battery died on my camera about 1/3 of the way through.  Grrrr.  There were so many more sculptures and beautiful succulents to photograph.  But in a way it forced me to put the camera away and just enjoy the garden.  Honestly, if I didn't live over an hour away, I would visit this exhibit often.

Here are just a few of the things you would see if you went (click on the photographs to enlarge):

Here is a link to the Ruth Bancroft Garden website:  Ruth Bancroft Website  The art exhibit only goes on for a couple months during the summer, so go soon if you're giving it thought!


  1. So glad you made the trip and enjoyed it. Looks like as pieces get sold, the artists bring different ones in to their assigned space - I know I didn't see a few of the ones you posted (but I hope you got to see some of my favs). Bet you're full of more garden ideas now :-)

  2. Actually, I was impressed by how much they're asking for some of the mosaics, and that some of them had red sold dots on them. LOL Maybe someday, I can get my pieces in the exhibit. That would be so cool. Although, I suppose I have to finish making them first. LOL

    Thanks again. I really love your blog. This is a place I plan to visit every year. Though next year, hopefully it won't be 150 degrees. Man it was HOT!