Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Last of the Fall Planting

Today marks the end of my fall plantings.  From this point out, it will be all harvesting and clearing out until January when it's time to start seeds for spring.

This spot had green beans in it all summer, but the old vines have been removed to make way for the last of my broccoli and cabbage.  To amend the bed, I've added chicken and steer manure, then a sprinkling of bone meal.  Mix well into the existing soil.

Then I plant my tiny seedlings.  I've set up the drip around them, watered good, sprinkled the soil with Sluggo to keep any slugs at bay, though this time of year they aren't typically a problem.  What IS a problem is cabbage worms; those pretty white butterflies you see floating around.  They're actually EVIL I tell you!  So I spray my seedlings with Bt.

If all goes well, I should be eating yummy brassicas between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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