Sunday, March 18, 2012

Calling All Artists--Need Ideas!

I'd love opinions, ideas and suggestions!

For my birthday (not until May), I have told my family I want this stone garden wall across the back wall of our patio as shown here:

These are the stones and the height I've decided on.  BUT!  I want to dress up the wall once it's installed.  I'm thinking about randomly mortaring some of these glass accents to the front:

Not a ton like I'm showing above--instead just 1-3 per stone, maybe, dotted across the wall.  That's the EASIEST option, because I could crank that out in an afternoon.

If I do that, my quandary is the colors.  Would you go colorful?  Pick a color theme or go totally random using all the colors?  Bright, earthy, natural?  Here's what I have to choose from.  With each of them, I've also got an array of sizes and slight variations I haven't necessarily shown here:

Another option I have, which would be more time consuming but maybe worth it, is to add some mosaics to the stones, such as this (these aren't mine, I just found them on the internet):

I could come up with little mosaic flowers or bugs or something and dot them across the wall.  Maybe do a combination of both?  Images like hearts, flowers, butterflies with some glass rounds scattered between? 

What would you do?  Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. I would totally go with the round random colored stones. It would be much more Avant Garde and style wise it would be easy to change with furniture, plants and such. I would probably add in some Wisteria or Jasmine vines or something that was fragrant. Op sorry just saw the vines that are there.

  2. I would do the random rounds but I like blues and greens only ! Lol I also would only do the edges of the cap stones.

  3. I like Sally's idea....blues and greens on the cap stones. But, I think I'd trow in some matching, randomly placed jewels on the back wall, slightly above the tops of any plantings and maybe some dipping down behind them as well for visibility in winter months. I don't think I'd do more than one or two per cap stone, maybe 3 on just a couple of them, and perhaps none a a few as well. Perhaps a few yellow stones would make it really sparkle. And then, somewhere off-center to the left or right, on the top of one of the capstones, I'd put a cute lizard in the same blues, greens, and a bit of yellow.....make him look like he is lounging on the warm brick. And that would be all.

  4. I like the translucent stones - in all colors & sizes. They would add fun color year round. And, if you wanted to do a mosaic, I would just do one main one as a focal point. I love the wall idea. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. So many great ideas! Thanks for replying! As for colors, I'm torn. A practical reason for using all colors is that I wouldn't have to buy any more--I'd already have enough to do the wall. I also like the comment about not having to worry about my furniture or plants coordinating with a single color scheme. Although, I've got a blue/green/umber theme going in the garden and running that theme through here would tie it together nicely. Ugh! I might have to leave that one to hubby.

    Love the idea of the lizard, that's a really popular theme for outdoor mosaic, so I wouldn't have trouble finding designs to plagerize.

    So much to think about, and I really appreciate your input. For sure, I will be posting pics when we get it done.