Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Goal: Finish a Project!

Mr. Sea has been sitting in my workshop untouched all winter. But last weekend, I finally got out and finished the mosaic on the body. Now, I've only got the base to do before I can grout him and call him done! I'm hoping to finish him in time to enter him in the Sonoma County fair. I think that's only about a month away, yikes!

More importantly, I'd like to move on to these other projects. I've got two more butterflies and a big sunflower constructed and ready to go.

Then I've got this pile of stuff I made last year. These are stepping stones and a bird bath top. I'm seriously looking forward to doing some quicker projects. Mr. Sea has been a huge time suck that goes against my ADD nature. I prefer stuff I can whip out in a few weeks!

And of course, I've got the garden wall I've requested for my birthday. Before we bring the bricks in and start glueing them to the patio, I need to pick out a half dozen to mosaic. And I also have more "amoeba panels" I'd like to construct for my fence line. I made one two summers ago with the intent to make a bunch more. I've got some serious time that needs to get devoted to these art projects!


  1. Wow this is turning out amazing, I would love to share this with Seed Traders is there a link to where you did the demonstration on the how to for the masaic art?

  2. Thanks, Tommy! Coming from someone as talented as you, that's a nice compliment! I've got a few posts on this blog where I show how I made things, including two posts that provide a pretty in-depth tutorial on how to make the concrete butterflies. You are more than welcome to share them. They are all under the "Mosaic" tab on this thread:

    Hope you are getting some nice weather on your side of the country!

  3. The temps have been up and down one day in the 80's then the next 50's We had a early spring in March then April came and the temps dropped but we are getting to more stable temps here now, Thank you Lord, It has been tough as to when to start different veggies this year and when to cover seedlings and when to uncover but so far I only have lost one container of peppers due to too much heat:) I will share this on the Facebook sites for TomsGarden and SeedTraders and put a link to your site :)Thank you Lori..