Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Garden Check-In

Yes, this blog is still alive! And Memorial Day Weekend is a good time for a check in to see what's cooking. Here in California, the word of the season is "drought". Thus, I've cut way back on how much I'm planting this summer. I've also mulched heavily to hold in water as much as possible. I've left one bed vacant, same with the wine barrels and a few other areas where I normally try to tuck in extras. I'm also enjoying a reduced amount of work, planting less. In that effort, I opted out of planting any salad or cherry tomatoes this year. Though I like them, they take too much time to pick!

In this bed I've got pole beans, carrots and zucchini.  As usual, I planted way more zucchini than I need.  Some things never change!

A peck of peppers, sharing a bed with tomatoes (not shown).

More tomatoes, cucumbers, and nasturtiums that I suspect are going to take over all the pathways like a 50's monster movie.

No veggies along the fence this year, but it's not without flora.  Clematis, climbing hydrangea, passion flower and potato vine are providing a gorgeous summer screen from my neighbor's yard.  Below them are the remnants of my bearded irises that have just finished blooming.

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  1. I'm impressed! I'm not a veggie gardener, but my husband has planted a veg garden for many years until this year. His getting older and more tired. Also, his fruit trees are beginning to shade his garden area big time.