Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eat Your Veggies!

The moment I've been waiting for since I started those first seeds on March 1st. Pretty much everything in the garden is ready for eats.

Have to pick pole beans every couple days. These are my garden favorite.

My Big Beef tomato plant is bursting with fruit.  Finally, the tomatoes are starting to turn, and this year, my Big Beef are living up to their name.  Nice slicing sized.  Happy plants.

The cucumbers continue to creep.  This year, they are producing in batches.  I get 10 cukes all at once then nothing, then 10 more then nothing.  I hear this is normal, but in the past, I've had them producing less more regularly.  Go figure.

Loads and loads of peppers.  This year, I may have enough to leave on the plants and turn red.  In the past, I've picked them green because the plants didn't produce as much as I wanted to eat.  This year is a different story. I've got peppers coming out of my ears.  That means I get to eat some green ones while the rest stay on the plants and turn sweet sweet red.

And it's official.  Four zucchini plants is too many.  I'm picking 2-4 zucchini a day.  Giving lots of it away.  Note to self:  Never plant more than 3, and even that's too much.

And (not pictured) I've pulled in my carrots and am trying a succession planting of carrots in the same spot.  Normally, it would be too hot for them right now, but the zucchini plants are big enough to keep them mostly in the shade.  I started them a couple weekends ago, and am just now starting to see the seedling sprout.  Cross my fingers.  Another batch of carrots would be great!

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