Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garden Check

I love pole beans. I'm raking in this many about twice a week. They're beautiful plants, they're prolific, and the aphids hate them. I could also eat a giant pile of pole beans for dinner, steamed with butter, nothing else. I think pole beans are the queen of my garden, and they've done swimmingly in this funky cool summer we've had going on.

The bell peppers must have heard me mention that as soon as my broccoli's ready to plant, they're getting pulled and composted.  Since then, about a half dozen peppers have shown up, including this purple variety I got from seeds on line.

I said I was never growing bell peppers again because they've never done well, but if I actually get a few decent peppers this summer, I will probably try them again.  Us gardeners are nothing if not forgiving.

And what is this here?  Is that a red tomato?  Several months back, I joked that my "early" tomatoes will ripen around September.  I guess I wasn't kidding.  I've also got the Romas and Brandywines growing prolifically but nothing turning red yet.  I admit, these little beauties are giving me hope!

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