Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Mushroom Is Done

This was a really fun project.  Only complaint is that one of the tiles I used is the exact color of the grout so it doesn't show well.  Newbie mistake.  Other thing I'll do differently next time is try to get my tiles closer together.  Tiling a curved surface is way different than tiling something flat.  Though the bottom of the tiles are close together, they "fan out" at the top, leaving way more space between the exposed surface than I'd expected.  Using a thinner tile or maybe mosaic glass would improve that quite a bit.

Other than that, I really like it, and it looks adorable in the yard.


  1. Super cute! What are the dotty, sparkly things on the base?

  2. Just water, LOL. Al was hosing down a spiderweb nearby and got it wet.

  3. What a great looking mushroom. I was going to ask what the sparkly bumps were too, and you answered the other poster.

    I looked you up from the smaller home forum. I'm sure you are loving having the room to garden and less rooms to clean, heat, furnish etc.


  4. Hi Flowerlady! Thanks for visiting my blog!