Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Planting

Last weekend I had to restart my broccoli seeds.  All the horrible things I did to the first batch ended up being too much.

Firstly:  When they say don't use Miracle Gro Moisture Retaining soil for seed starting, they mean it.  The stuff is really meant for potted patio plants and that's it.  For seeds, it's just too...weird.

Making matters worse was the Oregon trip where I thought I could soak them good, leave them in a 1/2" of water and they wouldn't dry out while we were gone.  They didn't dry out.  They drowned.

One by one, I was losing them, though the Arcadia did the best.  (That might end up being the good hearty keeper of the three varieties I'm trying.)  Instead, I started them over in regular potting soil, and yesterday I had my first sprouts.  Immediately upon sign of the sprouts, I moved them out to the "greenhouse".  Aside from two 110 degree days this week, temps have been in the 80's/50's.  Should be perfect for starting seeds, and we don't have any more trips planned, so let's see if these do better.

Also planted last weekend were snow peas, which have come up already.  I've got them covered with deer netting to keep the birds from pulling them up.

I'm also trying to start green onions in a container that I intend to transplant.  So far, I have not had luck starting green onions from seed directly in the planting bed.  They come up and stay tiny no matter what I do to them.  This time, I'm attempting to start them in a 4" pot that I'll transplant once they get hearty.  Lets see if that works.

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