Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Planting

I spent Saturday turning over my beds, digging in some steer manure and Super Soil and getting fall vegetables planted. These are starts I bought at Lowes and Raley's because my own broccoli starts still aren't ready for planting.

This year, I'm trying my hand at bok choi.  Last year, aphids won the battle over my chard.  This year, I'm trying neem as a preventative measure (instead of waiting until after the bugs show up).  I'll be spraying neem weekly and will see how that works.

Behind the chard in a "V" shape is the snow peas I planted from seed about 3-4 weeks ago.  The birds keep eating the the little seedlings and I've had them netted, but I had to pull the nets out to get the bok choi in.  Hopefully, the birds will move on to other things.

On the other side of the cucumber plant that's still producing, I'm giving cabbage a try. That's new to me also this year. We'll see how it does.

Here's my Lowe's broccoli. I'll succession plant my seedlings in a few weeks when they're ready. By then, I'll be done with the cucumbers and zucchini, most likely, and will have room.

I'm giving brussel sprouts a try here next to the zucchini. I've crowded them in with some herbs, and behind them I've started shelling peas from seed. I know these brussel sprouts will get big. Hopefully, I've given everything enough room.

In the midst of this, I've still got some gorgeous tomatoes growing. They're beautiful. Now, my only hope is the weather holds out long enough for them to turn. I think both of these are the yellow brandywine I planted. We'll see.

The sunflowers came out Saturday as well, uncovering some vines I had planted. This passion flower will take over the corner hopefully. They supposedly attract birds and butterflies. They are also invasive, so I'll be working to keep them trimmed.

And then I had this pretty Black Eyed Susan vine that I'd planted from seed. It didn't get as big as I'd hoped it would, but I think that's because the sunflowers overcrowded it for most of the growing season. Hopefully, I'll be able to enjoy this for a couple months before it's done in by frost.

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