Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer Garden Update

I'm down to one squash plant that is showing signs of mildew.  Because it still has zucchini on it, I've cut off all the leaves that have mildew and am hoping the plant will give me a few more fruits.

Tomatoes are growing strong, the big ones are finally starting to turn and the weather man is forecasting a 4-day warm spell.  I'm crossing my fingers I can get the bulk of those big tomatoes in before the frost.

Green Beans are still going strong.  I've got flowers all over and more beans coming out.  Luckily, I can freeze them because Al says he's tired of eating them (already!).  I'm hoping to keep the beans and tomatoes going for another month at least.

And I've finally pulled the last of the cucumber.  Probably won't plant those again next year, because no one likes to eat them.  I'll be better served using the space to try to keep peas going, or see if I can get broccoli or carrots going through the summer.

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