Saturday, September 4, 2010

What To Do With A Summer Bounty

I just brought in another big batch of cucumbers and zucchini.
A big cucumber salad is marinating in my fridge. Goal for the moment is how to store some of this food so we can eat it later instead of continuing to give it all away.

I just blanched and froze two batches of green beans. I sincerely hope they're edible a few months from now, as I'd love to be able to "put them up" (Lori style, i.e. freeze as opposed to canning). I am going to make zucchini bread tomorrow. If my family likes it, I'll shred and freeze batches of zucchini for bread. I know someone who does that, and it sounds like a good idea.

I'm not much of a canner. I don't like the taste of canned vegetables, and the whole idea of doing it wrong and killing all my friends and family isn't appealing. We have had lots of success freezing. We peel and seed tomatoes, whirl them up in a processor and freeze them for sauce. I make pesto and freeze it into little bricks. So I'm hoping these new trials work out as well. Would be nice to continue enjoying the harvest well into the winter.

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