Sunday, October 17, 2010

The fall broccoli experiment continues

If you recall, I'm experimenting with broccoli varieties.  In August, I planted three varieties of broccoli:  Arcadia, Gypsy and Marathon.  I sowed 8 seeds of each.  Of those, 6 of the Arcadia made it to plant stage.  3 of the Marathon and only 1 Gypsy.

I've just transplanted the survivors today.  On the far left are the Arcadias, the Marathons are to the right, and the one rightmost plant is my lone Gypsy.  Today, they look identical.  If it weren't for labels I wouldn't know which was which.  We'll see how well they do.

Oh, and while I'm recording things, I sowed them in yogurt cups and let them grow for 9 weeks.  The roots were circling the bottom of the cup.  In the future, I should either transplant into the garden at 7-8 weeks, or maybe transplant into 4" pots at 6 weeks.

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