Saturday, January 15, 2011

Results Are In - Double-Triple Pea Experiment

And the lesson learned is:  Don't plant anything after 9/1.

It's not that I can't.  The peas are alive.  At least, the ones the slugs haven't completely decimated.  But the growth is slow.  So slow, that I might as well have just planted them in the spring.  Same goes for the broccoli I'd planted back in November.  It's not dead, but it isn't exactly thriving either.

Yes, I could spend my frosty nights with a flashlight looking for slugs.  I could put row covers over the peas, but honestly, I'd rather take the time off.

So:  I'm not considering the Double-Triple Pea Experiment a failure.  It was actually a success given the goal was to find out how late sown peas would do.  The answer is:  Not well enough for the trouble!

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