Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seedlings Week 2

My bok choi, broccoli and cabbage seedlings 14 days after planting the seeds. They're coming along nicely. I've had them in the workshop under 14 hours of fluorescent light. On weekend days I've been pulling them out and giving them real sunshine. The tall, fast growing ones are bok choi. The cabbage and broccoli are only now beginning to show the tiniest sign of true leaves.


  1. They look so strong & healthy! I planted pansy's & johnny jump ups, but they are leggy.

  2. This is actually my second batch. I'd restarted my first ones because I wasn't quick about getting them under the light after they'd germinated. They got really leggy--it happens so fast! I started over, and the minute this batch "hatched" I stuck the tray under fluorescent shop lights where they're getting 14 hours a day. It's the only way to keep them from getting leggy when you're trying to get a head start in the winter months. I think your dad has a shop light set-up for starting seeds indoors, doesn't he? I'm thinking you should steal it! :-)