Saturday, April 23, 2011

All broccoli is not alike

This spring I planted both Gypsy and Arcadia broccoli, and up until now, I've remained convinced these two plants are exactly alike.  Okay, so maybe they aren't.

Here's a photo of the Gypsy:

Here's a photo of the Arcadia.  Note that the Gypsy has formed a single head while the Arcadia is forming a cluster of smaller heads.  I tend to prefer the cluster of smaller heads, probably because it's closer to what I'm used to from the grocery store. 

Both heads are almost exactly the same size.  It's just the structure that's slightly different.  I look forward to harvest when I can see if there's any difference in taste.  I suppose side shoots will also be a contender between the two. 

In short, it's fun trying several varieties of the same plant.  Keeps the veggie garden interesting!

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  1. I'm drooling! I'm patiently awaiting my broccoli to form heads (although I'm a whiles away). I think I prefer the multi headed broccoli too. I'm not sure what mine will look like. It's Waltham. I'll have to investigate!