Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's a never ending battle

Okay, so I do like the Solo cups for my tomato transplants.  However, tomatoes quickly become top-heavy and prone to tip over.  Because my tomatoes have outgrown my lights, I'm bringing them out in the morning and taking them in at night.  I plan to do this for at least another week or two.  Unfortunately, I've already lost 1 tomato to wind.

Afraid of what I find every time I come home from work, I finally fashioned something that will hopefully keep the tomatoes in place:

These are spare pieces of the foam insulation board I bought for the seedling incubator.  I cut it to size, then cut out holes for the tomatoes to slip into.  Nice bonus is the reflective side to add a little more light.

I'm crossing my fingers this keeps the cups in place until the weather gets warm enough to plant these in the garden. 

I'm hoping that anyone who thinks gardening is a simple matter of sticking some plants in the ground and watering will read this blog.  Hence, the title of this post.  Successful gardening is a never-ending battle between the pests and elements!

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