Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seeds Gone Wild!

I've had so much success with my tomato and pepper starts this year that my plants outgrew my light set-up.  Last night, I had to fashion something new:

These puppies are growing like crazy!

And it's time to pot up my peppers today:

I've only got lights set up for 2 flats and am running out of space.  Four tomato plants are going down to grandma's house today as well as some of the peppers once I pot them up.  I'll have more to give away as it gets closer to planting time.  Right now, I'm still holding on to extras in case there's some sort of disaster.  I don't know what kind of disaster would kill some plants and not others, but it just always seems like a good idea to have spares.

Soooo happy with my seed starting success this year.  The light set-up in the workshop was a great idea.  I'm not running the flats around from here to there like I was last year.  I water once or twice a week.  The lights are on a timer, so for the most part, I just let them sit there and do their thing while my life goes on.  Bonus!!  Thanks to my GardenWeb friends for helping me figure out how to do this.  I'm having lots of fun starting from seed, and thanks to this set-up, it's not very time-intensive either.  Yay!!

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