Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Spring Crop

We're nearing mid-April and it's time to start getting the garden in gear.  Today, I've got 2 yards of compost coming in.  I'll be putting in snow peas once the compost is in and my beds are ready to plant.

Spring veggies are doing really well.  Soon I'll be chopping broccoli!  Heads are forming so I'm hoping to be only a few weeks away from harvest.

No heads on my cabbage yet, but it's starting to look like something:

We've had a couple hot spells this spring, but so far no bolting.  I intentionally planted these in spots that get afternoon shade.  It's part of my plan to see if I can get broccoli and cabbage in both the fall and spring.  We're supposed to be able to around here, and so far, so good!

And lastly, I've got peas!  As always, not as many as I want, but these will be a nice addition to a salad:

I didn't get great yield out of these because I planted them back in November in my attempt to get a winter crop.  I've given up on winter crops.  This year, I'll be planting them on Labor Day in the hope of getting a fall crop.  Then I'll plant them again around February, cover them from the frost, and hope for a spring crop that does better than this batch.


  1. UC Davis is probably a similar zone to you and th ehort professor there swears by telephone pole peas (T& M). He had a few varieties he deliberately chooses with longer days to maturity. If you've got an hour - watch his video - they taped some of the master gardener sessions and once he gets into them, they're pretty good - he's entertaining.

  2. I have never heard of telephone pole peas! I will definitely check it out. Thanks much for the tip and the link!