Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Planting

It's already time to get broccoli in for fall, and I haven't even got a ripe tomato yet. But that's the beauty of gardening. There's always tomorrow.

I really enjoyed preparing this little spot. Carrots had been pulled out last week. I shoveled the top 6 inches or so of soil into my wheelbarrow and mixed that with a half bag of steer manure I had laying around. I then spread out a layer of yard and kitchen waste that I loosely chopped into the loamy-clay earth I've got going on under these beds. Watered it good then started returning my soil/steer manure mixture to the bed. About half way through, I spread a thin layer of 3-4-3 Happy Frog Jump Start fertilizer.

The soil I ended up planting in was rich, brown loamy goodness. I LOVE raised bed planting. I think I get the best of both worlds because I'm making use of the nutrient-rich clay soil underneath, while building a good layer of composty yumminess on top. Hopefully, these new little broccoli will enjoy it!

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