Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a jungle out there!

Whatever I'm doing to my soil it's apparently working. This year's garden is a jungle. Al mentioned that we've never had such prolific tomatoes. They are taller than me!

And despite some crappy tomato weather, they are producing a decent crop of fruit:

It's just that nothing has turned red yet. Crossing my fingers we get another 60 days of "summer" so I can at least enjoy a late bounty.

I have learned, however, not to grow zucchini on an "inside row" again. I can't even get through here. In the future, I need to plant them on the perimeter of the garden. While I like to see the lush plants, I don't need this jungle I've managed to create this year.

Both my tomatoes and green beans have outgrown their trellises this year. I'm not sure what to do with them other than let them go and see what happens. I've got nothing taller to tie them to. Though I am thinking seriously about an arbor for beans.

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