Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mmmm Garden Veggie Saute

(You can click on the picture to see it up close)

This is my favorite summer dish to make with the bounty I get from my garden every year. I eat it at least once a week, and the nice thing is, it burns through a lot of green beans and zucchini.

I blanch the beans in the pan first. Then add pretty much whatever I've got hanging around in the fridge. In this case, onion and zucchini. The whole thing gets sauteed in butter and olive oil (which I can use a decent amount of because the veggies are ZERO Weight Watchers points!). Seasoning is salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and fresh garlic. At the end--and this is a must--I throw in chopped tomatoes. The juice from the tomatoes blends with the liquid from the zucchini, butter and olive oil to make a delicious sauce.

The whole thing gets served over rice.


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