Friday, September 2, 2011

Tomato Harvest

This year is going to be a lean year for tomatoes.  Naturally, my salad tomatoes (Juliet) are doing the best.  I'm getting a decent harvest off the two I'm growing.  The larger ones are the Moskvich early tomatoes and I'm getting a couple every few days.  Not bumper by any means.

Bad for me this year was that I lost 4 of my tomato plants because they hated the containers.  And those were the beefsteaks.  I've also all but lost my brandywine to black spot.  I have exactly two tomatoes that look good.  The rest are tiny and way too late for this season.

I am definitely going with a new tomato plan next year.  All tomatoes are going to be early varieties.  Gone will be the beefsteaks and brandywines which are wonderful but they take too long to produce in my foggy summer.  I'm also hoping for at least two more productive plants next year because they won't be in the barrels.

But live and learn.  Even with my sad results, it seems I'm doing better than lots of people in my area.  So I'll consider myself lucky!

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  1. That's it you are learning about what will work well in your area and that's the whole thing about it,that's Gardening and your well on your way to a bumper crop eventually.By the way those toms look perfect..