Friday, April 27, 2012


I ordered two irises on-line almost two years ago.  I apparently ordered at the wrong time of year, so it took about 8 months for them to be shipped.  Then I planted them and forgot about them.  Thus, by the time this one bloomed, I'd completely forgotten what color I'd ordered.  I have a second one that's about to burst.  I believe that one was an orange called Paprika.  I hope so.  I've got plenty of purple now, but this one is beautiful!

And when I say I have plenty of purple, it's because my original irises have multiplied to the point where it was time to divide them last year.  I'd never done it before, so I wasn't sure how successful I'd be, but these beauties below say they came through the surgery just fine.

These transplants were moved to the other side of the yard.  They look pretty against the backdrop of the shed, and best of all, I can see them from my kitchen window.

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