Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tomatoes at 45 Days

I'm at the 45 day mark since I started my tomato seeds, and it was time to move them up to the keggar cups. We've had such beautiful weather, I've been tempted to get them in the ground now, but I'm going to give it another 2 weeks. Temps are supposed to cool down starting tomorrow, and even though we've just past our last frost date, I don't believe it. We had 30 degree nights just a couple weeks ago, so better safe than sorry.

And I figured while I was on the ground here, I'd take a shot of my broccoli and cabbage. Thrilled they are coming along. For a while, I feared they might be taking too long and screwing up my plans for my summer plantings.
However, it looks like I've got the first little heads forming on some of them. I still may have to adjust my summer plantings, since the nice weather has come sooner than expected, but that's okay.
And I finally made it up to Tractor Supply Co. today to pick up these 8' metal T posts. Since my tomatoes outgrew my 6' wooden stakes last year, I needed something longer. At only $6 each, I figured I'd get something that will last forever. I also love that they are already notched, which will make my Florida Weave style of staking so much easier. I also picked up some materials to make a pole bean arbor. That will be fun. I just need my peas to be done so I can get the beans in. They're flowering, so I should be about 30 days out. Spring is here, indeed!

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