Friday, May 18, 2012

A Year In The Making

But Mr. Sea is finally done!

Here's a pictorial of the progression.

Started by creating the basic shape using scrunched up newspaper and masking tape.

Using galvanized wire, I covered the shape by "sewing" diamond lath around the form.

Spread layers of mortar over the lath until it is completely covered.

In the future, I would do the base before the mortar, but in this case, I did it after.  The base was custom formed, then simply poured concrete.

I used a slurry of Portland cement and brushed it over the form when complete to give him the smoothest possible surface prior to the mosaic treatment.

Then the loooong process of covering the surface with tile.

Last up was to simply grout him and enjoy!


  1. You have skills of many kinds. I totally love how this turned out, especially the colors. I just have one question...who is that lady picture above in your garden? I don't recognize her...?

  2. Hahaha, thank you. And I do think I need to take a new photo this year, once my tomatoes and beans get growing.

  3. that turn out beautiful you do have a lot of patiences if it took you a year to do. when i do a projuct if it takes me to long i gave up or put it on the side and work on other things thank you for showing that congra on a great job im in to stain glass how beautiful that is i just finish my 3 projuct and sold it for $250.00 dollars to a chiropractic he love it it a body of a man from his back that look like his muscles were hard beautiful it is.

  4. Terrific results on this piece. I have a nessie, but she's was already made. Plain concrete. Will not be mosaicing her. Would take forever.