Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spring Preparation

Broccoli and cabbage seeds are incubating in my workshop. They are a couple weeks old and my plan is to plant them 3/1 providing we aren't expecting any serious freezes.

Spring seedlings means I have to start thinking about prepping the garden for planting. Today I spent the day excavating this bed. It's my "sick bed". The one that has never done as well as the other two. I theorized the problem was that the layer of gravel under these beds--here from when the space had been lawn--was thicker under this bed than the others. A small amount of gravel, good for drainage. Too much gravel, you're trying to grow over a parking lot.

So, today was spent excavating down to the native soil underneath. I'll haul in fresh veggie mix soil from my favorite supplier later. Crossing my fingers all the back breaking I did today was worth it!

1 comment:

  1. I found your blog searching for what new tomato seedlings should look like. This year is the first time I'm trying starting tomatoes and peppers from seeds, in the house with a grow light shelf. I was worried they were behind, but they are only 2 weeks old!
    I can't put them out until mid May anyway!
    I am amazed by what your tomatoes did last year. I thought they needed a much deeper bed.
    Your carrots in an earlier post look just like mine. In other words, I can't grow carrots either! I put some in recently, in pots, ala the container gardening book by Edward Smith.