Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Garden Update

Started my tomato and pepper seeds about a month ago. They bolted before I could get them under lights and I had to restart, setting me back a couple weeks. But I've learned not to sweat the calendar too much. In a good 30-45 days, they should all be ready to plant outdoors.

I planted bok choi in one of my barrels and it's doing really well. I'll be overrun in another 2-3 weeks. Best thing about the barrels, the slugs keep out!

And my spring broccoli and cabbage that I started from seed 1/1 then transplanted about a month ago is really taking off. I brought in all new dirt in the garden this year and they are responding well. I will get a good crop that will last me through June.

We had good rain last night, so I planted some dwarf sunflower seeds in my other two wine barrels.  I haven't had much luck in the barrels other than bok choi in the spring.  We'll see how the sunflowers do.  They are another plant that gets devastated by slugs no matter how hard I try to fight them.  It will be a win/win if I can get the flowers to do well in the barrels where the slugs can't get to them.

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